Orthello  version 2.7
2D Framework for Unity3D
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
OTAnimation.FrameStores data of a specific animation frame
OTContainer.FrameStores texture data of a specific container frame
IVector2Serializable int Vector2
OTProvides 'static' functionality to control the Orthello 2D Framework
OTActionPRO : Action base class
OTActionAddPRO : Add value action
OTActionCallPRO : Method call action
OTActionControllerPRO : Controller that can execute actions or action trees
OTActionFadePRO : Alpha fade action
OTActionFadeInPRO : Fade in action
OTActionFadeOutPRO : Fade out action
OTActionHidePRO : Hide action
OTActionMovePRO : Move action
OTActionMoveByPRO : Incremental movement action
OTActionRotatePRO : Rotate action
OTActionRotateByPRO : Incremental rotate action
OTActionSetPRO : Set value action
OTActionShowPRO : Show action
OTActionSizePRO : Size action
OTActionSizeByPRO : Incremental size action
OTActionTreePRO : Action Tree to serialize and group your actions
OTActionTreeElementPRO : Action tree element
OTActionTweenPRO : Value tweening action
OTAnimatingSpriteProvides functionality to use animating sprites in your scenes
OTAnimationTo store one animations
OTAnimationFramesetWill store animation information about a sequence of OTContainer frames
OTAtlasDataStores data of a specific OTSpriteAtlas frame
OTCirclePRO OTShape object for multi corner shapes like: circle, rectangle, triangle etc
OTClippingAreaSpriteUse this sprite to create a clipping area on your screen
OTClipSpriteA sprite that can be clipped by a local rect
OTContainerProvides base functionality to handle textures with multiple image frames
OTControllerOrthello Controller base class
OTDebugOT debug class
OTEaseEasing base class
OTEasingUse this to access the easing functions
OTFilledSpriteProvides functionality to use sprites in your scenes that are filled with a pattern image
OTGradientSpriteProvides functionality to use sprites in your scenes that display a multi-coloured gradient
OTGradientSpriteColorOT gradient sprite color element
OTHelperUseful Orthello static helper functions
OTMatRefOT Helper class to store material (name) references
OTMovementControllerPRO : Base movement controller class
OTObjectProvides base functionality for all Orthello display classes
OTObjectTypeOT Helper class to store object prefab references
OTParallaxBackgroundPRO : Parallax Background Component
OTParallaxLayerPRO : Layer of an OTParalaxBackground
OTPathControllerPRO : Controller to move an object along an path, formed by an OTShape
OTPutOnPathPRO : Add this 'script' component to a OTObject to setup path movement in the editor
OTShapePRO : Orthello shape base class
OTSoundOT sound class
OTSoundsStores and handles all orthello sounds
OTSplinePRO : Spline shape
OTSplinePointPRO : A point on a spline
OTSpriteProvides functionality to use static sprites (images) to your scenes
OTSpriteAtlasSprite container with frames that can have different sizes
OTSpriteAtlasBMFontXmlSprite altlas imported from a Sparrow XML data file
OTSpriteAtlasCocos2DSprite altlas imported from a Cocos2D XML data file
OTSpriteAtlasCocos2DFntSprite altlas imported from a Sparrow XML data file
OTSpriteAtlasImportBase class for importing sprite atlasses
OTSpriteAtlasImportTextBase class for importing a sprite atlas from an XML file
OTSpriteAtlasImportXMLBase class for importing a sprite atlas from an XML file
OTSpriteAtlasOGRESprite altlas imported from a OGRE XML data file
OTSpriteAtlasSparrowSprite altlas imported from a Sparrow XML data file
OTSpriteAtlasZwoptexSprite altlas imported from a Zwoptex XML data file
OTSpriteBatchPRO : Batch multiple sprites into one big mesh with or without texture packing
OTSpriteSheetIs a sprite container with image frames with the same width and height
OTTileMapPRO : Use a multi layered tilemap in your game
OTTileMapLayerPRO : OTTileMap layer
OTTileSetPRO An OTTileMap tileset
OTTilesSpritePRO : Simple tile based sprite
OTTweenUse this class to tween properties of objects
OTViewProvides functionality to control the 2D Camera View